I am associate professor at the Department of Political Science of the University of Amsterdam, since 2010. I holds an MA in Social Psychology and worked on her PhD on ethnic identity with the Methodology Department of the Free University. From 1997-2010 I was employed by the Institute of Migration and Ethnic Studies (IMES) of the Univerity of Amsterdam.


Currently I am the reseach Project Coordinator (PI) of the H2020 research Consortium

Advancing Alternative Migration Governance.


I am particularly fascinated by the interplay between migrants motives and migration policies.  With a broad experience as a  migration scholar, I worked on a variety of subject, including migrants aspirations, the refugee ‘crisis’, refugee reception, local policies on immigrants, ethnicity, political participation of immigrants, migrant organisations, and Islam (see research themes and projects on this website).

My regional specialisations are: the Mediterranean area (Spain, Greece, Turkey, Morocco) and the Horn of Africa (Somalia, Sudan, Ethiopia). I am committed to a multidisciplinary approach to migration and ethnic studies and political science subject, where insights from psychology, political science, sociology and anthropology meet.



I teach both in interdisciplinary programs on migration issues, but also in the Political Science BA and MA International Relations and Conflict Studies.

Current courses:

Earlier courses in Conflict Studies, International Relations, and Migration:

  • ‘Introduction to Conflict Studies’, elective in the Bachelor Political Science  (2011)’Verdieping van onderzoeksmethoden’ 2nd year course in the Bachelor Politicologie, coordination and teaching (2011-2017)
  • Foreign Aid, Development, and the Politics of Legitimation in Africa, MA Political Science (2020)
  • The politics of international migration and asylum MA Political Science (2019)
  • Transnational Politics, core course in the MA Political Science, portfolio discussant (2017)
  • Coordinator second year of the BA program Political Science  (sept 2013-2017)
  • Coordinator Method Line Bachelor Program and Blended Learning project UvA (sept-nov 2017)
  • ‘Dynamics of International Migration and Integration, theories and concepts’ within the Masters Migration and Ethnic Studies (MES) at the International Schools of Social Sciences, UvA (2004-2010)
  • ‘Immigrant and Ethnic Issues and the practice of Social Work’ in the Masters Social Policy and Social Work in Urban Areas (SPSW) at the International School of Social Sciences UvA (2006-2009)
  • Master Thesis supervision in the Master Migration and Ethnic Studies and Master Social Policy and Social Work in Urban Areas students UvA (2004-2012).


From its its foundation, I was an active member of the largest European network of migration scholars IMISCOE. She helped to co-organise the IMISCOE Conference in Rotterdam.

I was also actively involved in Metropolis International Network, which is largest international network of researchers, policy makers, and community groups engaged in identifying, understanding, and responding to developments in migration and diversity.

I have been involved in many commitees, councils and advisory boards both within the university (works council, university forum), as well as outside the university.

Journal Board Membership

I am a board member of one of the best journals in the field of migration studies, the Journal Ethnic and Racial Studies (impact factor 1.72) and also of  PanAfrican Journal of Governance and Development (PJGD)

Visiting Researcher

I have used my sabatical to visit the NIMAR in Rabat (Morocco, 2012) and University of Mek’ele and Addis Abeba in Ethiopia.